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How Do I Move Videos In iPad Air 2 To the Cloud?

To save some space on my iPad Air 2 before updating to IOS 11
I would like to move all videos (I assume the total of 20 gb includes those in the Photos library as well), plus some movies, to the Cloud in preparation for upgrading to IOS 11. So how to do this would be very helpful, thanks.
Valerie Irani

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    3 years ago

    It really depends on where they are, specifically. For instance, videos in your Photos library are already in the cloud if you are using iCloud Photo Library. And if you are, you can free up space on your iPad by choosing “Optimize” in the iCloud Photo Library settings.

    Where are the movies and what are they? If they are purchased movies, then you already “own” them so you don’t need to have them on your iPad. Remove them and you can download them again the next time you want to watch. If these are home videos, then where are they if not in the Photo Library? Are they just synced as movies? If so, then re-sync without those movies. I assume you have them on your Mac or PC then as well.

    Where else do you have movies?

    Valerie Irani
    3 years ago

    Have switch on sending photos and videos in the Photo App to the Cloud. In process now. Do I remove the movies not in the Cloud already via ITunes?
    Purchased TV series – assume I have to go through the same process in iTunes. Finally there are 4 movies under the Home Movies lable in Movies. Same process with these. These are not in the Cloud.

    3 years ago

    If you have videos you have synced via iTunes (completely separate from Photos) then you need to re-sync without those selected (those would be your “Home Movies” and should be on your Mac/PC not on iCloud). For purchased TV series, just delete them.

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