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How Do I Only See My iPhone Calls and Not My Wife’s?

My wife and I have one Apple ID and account that we use jointly. We use two iPhones with different numbers. My calls wind up being visible on her “Recents” call list as do hers on my “Recents” call list. Additionally, I can see all of her texts and she mine. The same goes for all FaceTime calls. Is there a way for us each to only see the calls we make and receive, texts we make or receive, and the same for FaceTime? It seems like it is a setting related to iPhone. We would like to continue to only use one Apple ID and account. Help.

There seems to be no why to this. It just happens between the two phones, texts, and FaceTime.

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    3 years ago

    That's why you shouldn't have one Apple ID. It should be one Apple ID = one person. They are not meant to be shared.

    One of you should stick with the current Apple ID you have. And the other one should start their own Apple ID. Otherwise Apple and iCloud will continue to treat you as one person.

    If you want to share things after that, like calendars, reminders, apps, music, etc, then use Apple's Family Sharing features to share between your two accounts.

    3 years ago

    My family uses one Apple ID. We havenā€™t had any problems. Just select on each device which numbers you wish to associate with that one device. Settings - phone - My number. Settings - Messages - Text Message Forwarding [select the device]. There are four of us.

    3 years ago

    Jim: That's a very bad idea. I do not recommend that at all. You'd all be sharing each other files, organization, calendars, contacts, photos, etc. A mistake made by one affects all, etc. Separate IDs with Family Sharing is how you need to do it.

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