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How Do I Open a PDF With Preview Rather Than Adobe?

Whenever I open a PDF it always defaults to Adobe. I want to open it with preview. I know I can secondary click and select open with “Preview”. Is there a way to make Preview the default app for opening PDFs.
Ken Vignona

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    2 years ago

    So when you Control+click and see “Open With” you can hold down the Option key and that will change to “Always Open With.” This will allow you to set Preview as the default app for that one file.

    If you want all PDFs to default into opening with Preview, then select the file and use File, Get Info or Command+i. Look for the Open With section. Change it to Preview. Then right below that you’ll see a button for Change All. Click that and all PDFs will now open in Preview.

    2 years ago

    I selected change all. It worked great for all of my PDFs. Thank you

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