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How Do I Open and Edit a Fillable Form In Word?

I am trying to fill out a job application. The application form on the job website that I can open is a fillable word document. There is a message across the top says “Subscription required to edit and save” referring to Office 365.

Is there a simple way around this? I can contact the employer and ask for a different format but would like to try to solve this first.

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    3 years ago

    So it sounds like you don't own a stand-alone version of Word, nor do you have a subscription to the Office 365 version of Word. Is that right?

    Pretty bad of that site to require that you own Word to be able to fill out their form.

    Is the form simple enough so you can open it in either Pages or TextEdit instead of Word? And then fill it out? You'd just be replacing their blanks with your text, I'd imagine. Give that a try.

    Otherwise, if the employer has another format, then do that.

    3 years ago

    Thank you. No, I don't have Word. I was initially having trouble finding and opening the document through Pages, but tried again after your suggestion, and found it. It's tedious to work with the formatting, but am trying it. At least if I need to contact the employer for an easier form, I can say I've done what I could on my end. So, thank you again. Sarah

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