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How Do I Open MP3, JPG, PDF In Mac Mail?

I know, you just click on them to open. But for some reason in the last 6 months or so, something has changed.

Most jpg, pdf, mp3 I receive in my mac mail, and sent from Apple devices, refuse to open. The say in a small window under the icon “downloading” but they aren’t, and never do. I have had to ask the sender to resend the file, sometimes the “new file” opens, sometimes it doesn’t.

Now I’ve only been dealing with Apple for 30+ years, so maybe I have a “setting” wrong somewhere but I really doubt it.

I have a feeing Apple has changed something, and I missed it.

Any ideas?

Thanks Joe Renzetti

Joe Renzetti

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    2 years ago

    So the problem isn’t that they are not opening, it is that they haven’t been downloaded. So they aren’t on your Mac to open. For some reason the file isn’t being downloaded.

    Is this with an iCloud email address? Or some other email service? Maybe try rebuilding the mail mailbox. Or, try removing the email account from Mail and adding it back again.

    Check your Mail, Preferences, Accounts, (account), and Account Information. Maybe try the different settings for “Download Attachments” and maybe try Mail Drop on or off to see if that changes things.

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