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How Do I Open the Emoji Keyboard In MacOS Catalina So That It Stays Open?

I open my emoji “keyboard“ using the language and keyboard icon on the taskbar at the top right of my screen. However, it only lets me enter one emoji at a time at which point the emoji “keyboard” disappears from the screen. If I want to use multiple emojis in any application, I find I have to open the emoji “keyboard“ every single time, which is a drag.

Is there a way of opening the emoji keyboard and keeping it open (like on iOS) so that I don’t have to open it for every single entry?

For example, this becomes a problem when I try to build a travel itinerary in Notes or Pages and identify my headings with emoji travel-related icons. In iOS, I just open the emoji keyboard and pick and choose any number of emojis that I need before closing the keyboard. In macOS Catalina, I open the emojis, click on the one I want, press enter, the selected emoji appears where I want it on the screen, but then the keyboard disappears. I’d like that keyboard to remain open on my screen in macOS just like in iOS. That’s the issue.

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    3 years ago

    Just use Command+Control+Space and then select the character. That's much faster and easier to do to type multiple characters.

    But otherwise click the little icon on the top right corner of the Emoji Viewer to switch it to the Character Viewer. With that, it doesn't disappear when you select a character.

    Ryder Cragie
    3 years ago

    You can press Command+Control+Space while you're not in a text feild. That will make it stay open.

    3 years ago

    Thank you Gary (and Ryder)!

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