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How Do I Open the Home App In Mojave?

Gary, have only iMac (Mojave) HomePod, AppleTV 4K
with Basic Alcatel Senior Flip Phone.
How can I open Home App on iMac and update my HomePod
sometimes Siri is dead. have to re-boot (unplugging power cord to recognize my WiFi).

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    2 years ago

    You can open the Home app in the same way you open any other app. If you have it in the Dock, you can click on it there. Otherwise, you can use LaunchPad or Spotlight to search for it and launch it. You can also just just look in your system Applications folder and find it there.

    Once you are in the Home app you should see your HomePod shown there. It sounds like you are already using your Mac with your HomePod, correct? If not, and you have no iOS device, I don’t think it is possible to set up a HomePod at all. According to Apple’s page, “You can’t set up HomePod with the Home app on Mac.”

    But if you set it up with an iPhone or an iPad, and everything is using the same network and Apple ID, you can see it in the Home app on your Mac. Control+click it in the Home app and choose Settings to update it and adjust your preferences. I just updated my HomePod from my Mac’s Home app, in fact. It was nice to be able to do it from there instead of my iPhone. Hopefully soon Apple will allow people with only Mac to set up a HomePod too.

    2 years ago

    i originaly set my HomePod with an iPhone7. gave it to my grandaughter and now only have the Alcatel Flip.
    i see HomePod and AppleTV in Home App but can’t open with my iMac correct??
    will not be bying another iOS device just to upgrade the HomePod. hoping Siri continues to work properly

    2 years ago

    Richard: If you see them in the Home app on your Apple TV, then you should see them in the Home app on your Mac. Try it.

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