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How Do I Open Two Documents In Pages and Have Them Side By Side?

Trying to open two different documents that were made in Pages, with different names. When I open the first one I can see the information. I want to copy and paste a portion of that page to another document and I would like to see them side by side. But when I open the second document it replaces the first document. I don’t want that.
Gary Burks

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    2 years ago

    It is hard to guess why one document would be replacing the other when you open it. I have three ideas.

    One guess is that you are viewing Pages in Full Screen mode. To check, move your cursor to the top of the screen and see if the View menu has “Exit Full Screen Mode.” If it does, then use that to exit Full Screen mode and return to using Pages with documents in windows. Then open each document in a window and drag the corners to resize them each so they take up half the screen and the tops to position them so one is on the left and the other is on the right.

    Another possibility is that you are using tabs. You have one document open in one tab and another in another tab, both in the same window. In that case, choose Window, Move Tab To New Window. This will take the current tab and give it its own window, and the other document will remain in the other window. Then resize and position the windows so they are side-by-side.

    The only other thing I can think of is that you already do have these documents in two windows, but one is covering the other. In that case you just need to drag the corners of the windows to resize them and the tops of the windows to reposition them so they are side-by-side.

    2 years ago

    Leave the first document open and then go to the File Menu and select Open to open the second document. You will then have both documents open at the same time and can copy and paste from one to another.

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