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How Do I Open Two Documents Side By Side In the Pages App On an iPad?

Is there any way to open 2 Pages documents side by side on my iPad? Please note this question is about the Pages app, not about how to open two word document pages. I can find lots of similar questions online but they’ve all been answered as if the question is about two pages of Word documents. I’m on an iPad so it’s nothing to do with the placement of my mouse cursor or my Windows settings. Thank you

I have a document that needs a complete rewrite but as it’s over 100 pages long I don’t want to print it for reference, I want to work in split-screen mode.
Victoria Sutherland

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    1 year ago

    Open the first document in Pages. Then tap the multitasking options button at the top center of the screen. It looks like three dots. This gives you the options: Full Screen, Split View and Slide Over. Tap Split View.

    Next, the Pages document will move aside and you can use the Home screen to choose another app. Choose Pages. This will open up a second instance of Pages on the other side of the screen. Now you can navigate to that second document or create a new one.

    Make sure you are on iPadOS 16 to use this feature. See for more details.

    1 year ago

    Two other ways to do this:
    1. If pages is in the dock tap and hold it's icon for a second, then drag up from dock as if to pull the icon out of the dock. The icon will transform into a new window for pages. This also works for any other app that supports having two instances of the app at the same time.
    2. If you're using an external keyboard, use Command-Space to perform a spotlight search then drag Pages app icon to get a new window. Same as the Dock procedure above.

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