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How Do I Organise the Photo Library?

Hi, I am a PC and iPhone user, and use iCloud to store my files on my PC so I can access them on my iPhone.
On, I can see my photos from my iPhone, and under Files, the photos from my computer. Fine.
My question is, I am ordering a Mac Book and am new to this. I watch many of the tutorial here, and get the gig for my files, but what about my photos?
Will it sync my iPhone photos to the Mac? Can I have a different folder when I can have all my “good” photos I took with my “good” camera that are at the moment on iCloud on the Mac but without mixing with the snappy photos from my iPhone? All that in the library. Will it still sync it to iCloud and improve space on the Mac?

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    3 years ago

    The best way to do it is to keep your photos in the Photos app and use iCloud. Then you'll see the same Photos library on your iPhone and Mac. Keep both the photos you took with your camera and your iPhone in there. In fact, when you take a picture with your iPhone it will automatically go into that library and then you'll it on your Mac in Photos as well. Everything will be in one place and you won't have to go searching in two places for different photos.

    Inside the Photos app you can create albums and organize as you like. You can easily filter to see the photos from one camera or the other too.

    If one of your devices, either iPhone or Mac, is low on storage space, you can turn on the "Optimize" feature to save space. Then only thumbnails of all of your photos will be there so you can browse, and the full image for editing or printing will load on demand.

    I have a course on using the Mac Photos app if you like:

    Keith McConnelly
    3 years ago

    For your "good" photos from your good camera, you can create a "Smart Album" where you select "Camera Model" is "model of your Camera". This way all of your "good" photos will go into that album.

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