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How Do I Output Categories Summaries To PDF?

We are using a Numbers spreadsheet in shared environment among 4 primary users. The spreadsheet logs incoming quotes and changes their status from quote / production / delivery (20 columns).
The new category feature is a great improvement as we can now see jobs grouped into their primary status condition.

Question: Once grouped, how can I output the grouped view? I can not leave the shared sheet in grouped format as other users are constantly adding new entries. We’d like to view in categories, output the daily snapshot, the revert back to our basic Input view of spreadsheet.

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    2 years ago

    You could do exactly as your question proposes: Export them as a PDF. Both methods, using the File, Export, PDF function and using Print, PDF, will give you a PDF that looks exactly like what you see on the screen, with your categories visible, etc.

    The other option is to use File, Duplicate and spawn a new version of the file for others to view. Then only update the original one.

    But maybe I’m not understanding what you want. Because it seems counter-productive to be creating daily PDFs or Numbers files. Why not just switch Categories on and off? That’s what the switch is for at the top of the Categories sidebar. Just make sure everyone who uses the spreadsheet knows how to use that switch. I’m sure you already have to work together closely if you are all updating the same spreadsheet.

    Markham John
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary,
    The print PDF solution is difficult as spreadsheet has hundreds of entries, yet daily category grouping may only have 30-40 lines.
    I can’t only work live in spreadsheet as the grouped category dat gets sent to shop floor and not all workstations have access to spreadsheet.
    I’ll try duplicate idea.
    Perfect solution is if I could create another seperate sheet which automatically updates based on Category refinement.

    2 years ago

    But if the daily category grouping only shows 30-40 lines, then that’s all you should get in a PDF, if you create the PDF with that visible.

    Markham John
    2 years ago

    thanks again,
    I got it … just needed to limit pdf output to the couple of pages with grouping.

    Do you have resource (or a recommendation) for expert in Numbers modeling to expand on our models?

    2 years ago

    Sorry, I don’t have any recommendations for consultants or things like that.

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