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How Do I Password Protect a PDF File?

I am using Keynote. I am exporting a keynote file from Keynote in pdf format. I want to password protect before sending pdf to others in Mail.

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    2 years ago

    To export your Keynote presentation to a PDF, you would use File, Export To, PDF. The next screen gives you several options for exporting PDFs. For instance, you can check a box to include presenter notes, put each stage of builds on separate pages, and include skipped slides.

    The last option there is “Require password to open.” Check that and you get several more fields to fill in: password, verify password, and hint. Just put in a password to use, and the hint if you like.

    The resulting PDF file is encrypted and someone must know the password to open it. They are prompted when they open the PDF. It should work cross-platform, but I suppose an old or poorly-produced PDF reader app or browser may not be able to handle a password-protected PDF.

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