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How Do I Password Protect Folders?

Is there a way to have a folder on a thumb drive password protected and other folders not password protected?

I am teaching a class and will give the folder password on the last day to keep students from accessing the answers early in the week.
John Wilson

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    2 years ago


    But if this is a single document, you may just want to password protect that document. You can password protect a Pages, Numbers or Keynote document. You can also password-protect any PDF. You can do that in the File, Export as PDF dialog. Or, you can use File, Print, then choose PDF and Save as PDF. Then choose Security Options.

    This will be a little better in your situation, I think. Put the answer in a PDF you create with whatever app you use to create documents. Then they just open it in Preview and enter the password you give them.

    Otherwise, they have to expand a zip file or disk image and it has a lot more steps.

    I may do a video on this soon.

    Douglas Brace
    2 years ago

    Hi John. I work in higher education, specifically the Department of Online Learning at a community college. I would recommend checking with your IT or distance (or online) education (or learning) department to see if they have a way for your to securely share files with your students. Most schools have a learning management system (LMS such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, or Google Classroom) or cloud storage provider (such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive) that you should be able to use.

    John Wilson
    2 years ago

    Thank you for the suggestions!

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