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How Do I Play a Complete Playlist On My iPhone XS?

When I play a playlist it only plays the first song (or movement), then repeats it.

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    2 years ago

    This sounds like you have the repeat option set to repeat one song. You can set it to not repeat, repeat the whole album or playlist, or repeat the one song that it is playing right now. It sounds like you have it set to the latter.

    To change this, you need to know where to look. Go to a playlist and tap the big Play button, or the big Shuffle button. Wait until the first song starts to play.

    Then look at the bottom of the screen and you’ll see the small one-line player. It usually shows a small image , the song name, and then a pause and >> button. Tap the middle of this, in the middle of the song name, to expand the player to the full size of the screen. Now you’ll see a large image and lots of controls.

    Scroll up to see more controls. You should see a Shuffle button and a Repeat button. The Repeat button is what you want. Tap it and it cycles through “Off” (gray), “On” (red) and “On — repeat single song” (red with a small “1” next to the arrows). It sounds like it is already in “On — repeat single song” mode. So change it to the “Off” or regular “On” mode.

    Londa Coy
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary, wondered how to do this.

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