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How Do I Play a YouTube Video During a Keynote Presentation?

I would like to play a YouTube video while playing a Keynote presentation that is being AirPlayed to a TV. Can I embed a YouTube video link in a Keynote slide so that while playing the keynote presentation, the video will play on the TV screen?

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    5 years ago

    There's no great way to do this. But there are ways. The most proper way would be to contact the creator of that video and request a video file from them. Then you can embed that video into your Keynote presentation. This also obtains permission from them, which is important.

    Another thing you can do is to simply load up that YouTube page in the browser and have that ready to go. Then when you get to the slide in your presentation, switch to the browser and play the video over AirPlay. Then when you are done, switch back to Keynote. A quick Command+Tab is all that is needed, though you may need to adjust the AirPlay method there too. I'd practice it first as I'm sure it will only take a few seconds to switch as long as you have done it before.

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