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How Do I Play Chess Over the Internet Using the Chess App On macOS 10.14?

I used to be able to send an invite using game centre but now in macOS 10.14 that method is broken (or i just cant get it to work). does anyone know how to play using the chess app over the internet? My son is running OSX 10.12 (i think) it may be 10.11, but i cannot invite him and play online with him.

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    4 years ago

    I can't remember what version 10.11 supported, but if it worked before it should still work now.

    Try logging completely out of Game Center by going to System Preferences, Internet Accounts and removing Game Center. Then go to Chess again and log in to Game Center when it prompts you. I had to do this and then quit Chess and launch it again then to start a new game. But at that point I was able to start a Game Center Match game and invite someone, though I didn't try it past that.

    So it may just take some repeated tries and experimentation to get it going if something is amiss in your Game Center setup at the moment.

    The other option is to go to the Mac App Store and get another chess app. There appear to be several there. And I'd imagine more on the iOS store if you both have iPhones/iPads you can play on too.

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