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How Do I Prevent New MacBook Air From Making So Much Noise?

My wife purchased a new MacBook Air (2020), and likes it a lot. Unfortunately, whenever she uses Zoom, it gets really hot and makes a lot of noise. Is there a way to minimize the heat/noise when using the Zoom app? She usually only has Firefox, Word, Excel, and Preview open at the same time, which doesn’t seem like it would be overly taxing for a new computer.

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    2 years ago

    Do you mean noise from the fan? I would limit the number of apps she has going to test to see if that helps. Word and Excel can use a lot of power as they are big apps. It depends what she has going on in those. Excel can obviously use a lot of power if it is showing a complex spreadsheet. With preview it can depend on what it is showing. Also test to see what happens when Firefox is closed. Like the others, it depends on what Firefox is showing. The power a browser uses depends on what pages are being shown. There are some that will tax any browser and others that work better on some browsers. So: test, test, test. That is all you can do.

    Why have any of these apps open when doing a Zoom conference call? Just try it with only Zoom. If it is still heating up, then you know it is just Zoom. Otherwise, you can test to see which app(s).

    If it turns out to be Firefox, I would try using Safari as it should be better with power use.

    Adam B Tolbert
    2 years ago

    If you have constant fan noise, and your MacBook Air is not doing heavier activities, your Mac’s System Management Controller (SMC) may be confused. You can fix this with SMC reset
    But if the noise is coming from internal hard drive so it can because of hard drive failure or firmware defected. Here you can check the hard drive health using stellar data recovery professional for mac. It has inbuilt utility called drive monitor that help us to track bad sectors or any logical error in hard drives

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