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How Do I Print Only the Category Lines In a Numbers Spreadsheet?

I have two questions regarding Categories:
1. Can I print only the category rows from a spreadsheet? I see they do not have a row number so they really do not exist as rows in the spreadsheet, but I have totals in some of the columns and I would like to just print those “lines” to examine the totals in each category and not print all the details. I have 100 categories and about 1200 rows. It would be easier to view if I could just print the total line for each category.

2. I see you told someone to turn Categories on/off to do certain things. Is there some information about sorting spreadsheets that you use categories with that would be helpful to read? What are the rules for turning off the categories, sorting and then turning on the categories?


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    3 years ago

    You can collapse the groups when viewing Categories and just see those lines. Click on the reveal triangle at the left side of each category to hide the rows under it. Option+click to do it for all of them. Then print.

    You turn off Categories to add new rows and to add new columns where you need to select all of the cells in all rows to paste. But you don't need to turn them off to sort. Of course if you are sorting rows and you have Categories on, you won't see the table sorted by row for the entire table as they will first be grouped in categories and then by the sort. So it is up to you whether you want to to have Categories on or off when you sort. There is no "rule" -- it depends on the results you want.

    Dennis Singstock
    3 years ago

    That was extremely helpful and printing 110 lines instead of 1200 saved me a lot of wasted paper. I would never have used that little arrow and the option key. I do not understand the sentence starting with "You turn off Categories to add new rows and to add new columns where ..." I add new 2 to 20 new rows every day and never turn off categories. I guess you are talking about a special case and I do not understand exactly what you mean. Thank you for your help.

    3 years ago

    Dennis: If you are just adding pure data and you have all of the rows shown, then it is no big deal. But if you have hidden rows and you add new rows or columns, things get a little tricky.

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