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How Do I Protect My iOS Devices From Viruses or Malware?

Do I need malware protection for iPad or iPhone?

Want to know if surfing web on iPad or iPhone carries risks of being hit with viruses or malware.

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    4 months ago

    No, you don't need malware protection. On iOS and iPadOS, you can only download apps from the App Store, so you can't accidentally install something malicious from a website or anything like that.

    In fact, there is no such thing as anti-malware software for iOS because apps are isolated and can't mess with the system. So just as no app can "infect" your system, no app can "examine" your system either.

    4 months ago

    Jim: Only the first link is recent. The others are from 2020 and 2019. They all show that Apple takes care of security issues. Even the 2022 article states "...Apple has scrubbed these apps from the macOS App Store..." The others have also been dealt with and were very small problems affecting very small number of users before updates took care of it.
    If you want perfect security, you'll have to do without any Internet connection at all. But using iOS comes pretty close. Either way, no third-party app or service would have helped.

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