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How Do I Put “Apple Pay” On My MacBook Pro Keyboard?

MacBook Pro 16″ with Catalina.
Kat W

Comments: 6 Responses to “How Do I Put “Apple Pay” On My MacBook Pro Keyboard?”

    4 years ago

    Go to System preferences, Wallet & Apple Pay. Then click Add Card.

    4 years ago

    Thanks I did that but how do I use it to pay?

    4 years ago

    Kat: When you are at a site that uses Apple Pay, you click the Apple Pay button.

    John Kueck
    4 years ago

    I don't see those in System Preferences nor do they come up on search. ?????

    4 years ago

    John: Are you using a Mac that supports Apple Pay? It must have a Touch ID button.

    Kirby Kroon
    4 years ago

    If you have an older mac (i.e.: pre-Touch ID button) you can also use your iPad or iPhone in conjunction with your older Mac to use Apple Pay.
    Support article link:

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