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How Do I Put Multiple Songs In a Slideshow for Photos?

In Photos how can i play multiple songs for a slideshow?

Thomas George Hudson

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    4 years ago

    I'll assume you are using the latest version of Photos that comes with Catalina. Then you are creating the Slideshow by going to File, Create, Slideshow.

    Then click on the Music icon on the right. It looks like some musical notes.

    Then you'll see Selected Music and Music Library. In Selected Music, you'll see a single song. In Music Library you'll be able to select from different sources, like Theme Songs and Music.

    Under either one of those, simply select a second song and it will add it to the list under Selected Music. Add as many as you like.

    You can now drag the songs under Selected Music to change the order. When you click one, you also get an X button to delete it from the list.

    Bob aka Bippie
    4 years ago

    I didn't know how to do this, either, Gary. As usual, your help with learning more about using Apple's applications and devices is, and has been, a god-send to me and many others. Thank you.

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