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How Do I Put My Name and Phone Number On Home Screen If I Lose My Phone?

If you lose your phone no one has access to your phone because it is locked. Only your home screen would show and is there a way to show you name and another phone number to call so that person can let you know they found your phone.

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    3 years ago

    One method is to put your phone number, and any other information, into an image and make that your Lock Screen image/wallpaper. It has to be your Lock Screen wallpaper, because that is what is shown when your phone is locked. Your Home Screen wallpaper is only shown once you unlock your phone.

    But to do that, you’ll need to create and image or edit a photo. You could use an image editing app for that, something where you can place text on the photo. Then save it to your Photo library. Then use that as your lock screen wallpaper.

    But you don’t really need to go to all of that trouble. After all, this is only needed if you lose your phone, right?

    Well, then you can use “Lost Mode” to do this. Naturally, you’ll want to have Find My iPhone enabled in your iPhone’s Settings. One function of that is the ability to put your iPhone into Lost Mode. That allows you to display a phone number and message on the screen.

    You can test it out. On a computer or another device, go to Then log in with your Apple ID. Then go to Find iPhone. Select your iPhone and use the Lost Mode button. When you are done testing, the same button will cancel Lost Mode.

    3 years ago

    Putting your phone number on the screen will not help. Put your spouse or friend’s number to be called.

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