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How Do I Put the iCloud Icon In the Menu Bar?

I would like to have a short cut to iCloud. I find it tedious to go to the hard drive then clicking on iCloud. A good alternative would be to put the icon on the desk top. Is that possible?
Robert Aucoin

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    8 years ago

    Do you mean iCloud Drive? iCloud refers to a lot of things. But I'll assume you mean iCloud Drive as that makes the most sense based on your question.
    You should see an iCloud Drive item appear on the left sidebar of every Finder window making it easy to access. Just open a new Finder window and click it and there you are.
    If you don't see the sidebar, choose View, Show Sidebar in the Finder. If you don't see iCloud Drive in the sidebar, go to Finder, Preferences, Sidebar and make sure it is checked.
    You also have iCloud Drive in the Go menu, with a handy keyboard shortcut: Command+Shift+I. How's that for a shortcut?

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