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How Do I Read Apple Notes On an Android Phone?

I have an iPhone (6) an iMac and several iPads all fully up to date. I also have an Android phone and now that the Notes on my devices is so much improved I would like to be able to read the notes on my Android phone as well. Is this possible. I used to use Evernote which works across platforms but the new version of Notes does all I want and Evernote has become rather expensive.
Tony Rosner

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    4 years ago

    A quick search shows that there are Android apps available in the Google Play store that allow you to do this. That makes sense since you’d simply need an app able to handle logging into your iCloud account and allowing you to view and edit your notes. So search for those.
    Two problems with this. I doubt that these apps handle all of that cool new functionality available in iOS 10 and Sierra. But maybe it is good enough for you. Depends on your needs.
    Another issue is, of course, that you need to trust these apps with your iCloud password (also Apple ID, iTunes, etc).
    Another option is to simply use You can access Notes (and Calendar, Reminders, documents, Photos, etc) using the website. Should work OK on your Android phone, but probably not as nice as using a dedicated app.

    Tony Rosner
    4 years ago

    Thanks for the quick response.

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