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How Do I Record Face In Corner Without a Green Screen?

I would like to record videos with my face in the corner, sharing my desktop like Gary does, but I do not have a green screen. Is there software for the Mac to replace the green screen? I downloaded ScreenFlow, but a green screen is needed. If Zoom can do it, why is there no software I can find?
Rick Conners

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    3 years ago

    I don't use a green screen. The video of me in the corner is a normal video overlay. My head isn't "cut out" of the background. If that is all you need, then Screenflow can certainly do it. That is what I use.

    But if you need to completely cut out the background, then a green screen is what you need. You can use any green material. You can get a green sheet or paper roll on Amazon for pretty cheap.

    What Zoom and other apps do to simulate this is to look at the video and treat "steady" pixels as background and moving pixels as foreground. But the result isn't nearly as clean as a green screen. If you are recording video for playback, as opposed to live "chat" video, you want to do better.

    So your options are to do what I do and just don't try to cut out the background. Or, get a green screen.

    3 years ago

    You want a screen recorder that has chrome key feature? I know Bandicam?VideoProc? has this feature. I'm using RecMaster plus a green screen on the wall....

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