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How Do I Recover All My Files From an External Hard Drive That I Deleted?

How do I recover all my files from an external hard drive that I deleted by mistake??
Trying using Dr Drill but it recovers the files and gives it another title and it becomes really tiring to check what each file is and re organising it all again.
Is there any program that will recover the files just the way they were?

Am talking about a 5TB Hard Drive, with 1TB of Pictures, 3TB movies and Audio…
Thanks in advance!

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    4 years ago

    So, I'm assuming you don't have a Time Machine backup, right? In that case, you are going to start using Time Machine from this point on, right?

    I'm not familiar with all of the different emergency recovery apps as I've never needed them -- well once, years ago to recover some images from an SD card when a camera failed.

    I'm thinking that the reason you aren't getting filenames back is that the filenames are gone. So no other app will do it either. But if it is important to you, then you can certainly try some other apps and see if they can do better.

    Another option is to take it to a professional data recover shop and have them do the work. They may have more success than just you using an app. But I'm not sure how much this is worth to you. Those kinds of services can be expensive.

    I am glad that you seem to be able to get some of your files back without too much trouble. Count yourself lucky and you could very easily have lost them all. And from this point on start using a backup!

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