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How Do I Remove a Contacts Old Phone Number In Messages for OS X?

My son recently got a new Tracfone with the new phone number. Every time I attempt to send him a text via Messages on the OS X desktop, it automatically picks his old number. However, this number has been deleted from his information in Contacts. I’ve purged it from everywhere, yet it still shows up, along with his new number. How do I permanently delete the old number?

PS. To make matters worse, someone else now has that old Tracfone number and I keep texting them accidently. Oops!

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    4 years ago

    The first thing to do is to make very sure the number isn’t in your Contacts. Maybe you have a second entry for him? Maybe you have multiple numbers in an entry?
    Once you have done that, another step is to remove all of the conversations you have had with that old number. So go through your Messages conversations and see if you still have old conversations that use that number. Of course while those old conversations are still there, Messages will “know” that number. Not sure if this will fix the problem, and hard to test, but it makes sense.
    The next idea requires that you also have an iPhone or iPad that you are using with the same Apple ID. Quit the Messages app on your Mac. Go into the messages app on your iOS device. Start a new conversation and begin typing that old number until you see a list appear with suggestions and that old number is there. Tap the “i” button next to it. Then tap Remove From Recents. This may or may not, depending on the post you read, transfer to your Mac via iCloud.
    Those are the only ideas I have.
    One note though: How is it automatically picking that old number? I mean, when I send a text message to my wife, for instance, I am continuing a conversation that we have been having for years. I only ever tap the “new conversation” button if I am messaging someone I have never messaged before. Otherwise, I just select the current conversation on the left and send them a message.

    4 years ago

    Thanks Gary. Your second tip worked. I found the number in iOS on my iPhone under recent. I first attempted to create a new contact called “Dead Tracfone,” as it was an unassigned number, then delete the contact, but it didn’t work. Only eliminating from the recent filed worked. On a different note, I normally delete all message on a routine basis…sort of neat freak. Thanks again.

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