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How Do I Remove Adware From My iMac?

I am getting notifications from several sources to remove adware. Is this adware slowing down my iMac?
Carol Ostberg

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    3 years ago

    What “sources” are telling you this? Note that the web is full of scam sites (and legitimate sites with scam ads) that will tell you that you have malware in an attempt to get you to pay for their “solution” or even install their software — which is actually malware. So beware!

    So what sources are telling you this?

    If, on the other hand, you are seeing that you have actual adware on your Mac, such as ads popping up even if you are not using your browser, or your browser behaving strangely and showing you things you didn’t ask for, then you probably have some form of adware. You need to get rid of it.

    That isn’t a simple task. You’ll need to figure out what you have and then take steps to eradicate it. If you are near an Apple Store, then the simplest solution is to visit the Genius Bar for expert help. Otherwise, you’ll need to investigate more and figure out what you have and then search for instructions on how to uninstall it.

    If you are really desperate, you can try the free version of Malwarebytes ( ). I’m not recommending it, as I don’t use it, but people in the Apple Discussion groups speak highly of it. Unlike unneeded anti-malware software, it doesn’t run in the background all the time, but instead you just run it once to fix a problem.

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