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How Do I Remove and Add Apps From the Notification Centre?

Notifications – I’m trying to a) remove any apps in the list that I will never want notifications from (e.g. Google, Dashlane, Evernote blog) and b) identify and apps where I would like to add them to the Notifications Centre.

I’m unclear how Mac OS decides which apps are populated in the Notifications Centre and which can be removed. Some can be removed by highlighting them in the app list in Notifications & Focus and pressing the Delete key. Others can’t be deleted.

Equally unclear how if I wanted, say, Notion or News, to give me notifications, I could ensure they’re added to the list of apps in the Notifications Centre.

Partly housekeeping to remove unwanted entries in the list of apps and partly to ensure I can set up Notifications I want from apps that don’t appear in the list.

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    2 years ago

    Go to System Preferences, Notifications & Focus. Every app that can send notifications is listed there. Go to the one you want and you can enable or disable notifications, or set how they will appear. There's even a "Show In Notifications Center" option for each.

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