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How Do I Remove Computers From the List Of Ones Where I Have Installed iTunes?

Over the years I would have installed iTunes on multiple laptops and computers (both PC and Mac). Sometimes these computers would have crashed and I would not have been able to uninstall iTunes. As a result, I have now used up 4 out of the limit of 5 installations whereas I actually have only 1 installation running on my current MacBookPro. How do I remove the others (old ones) from this list so that I can install these on my work laptop as well?
Alok Misra

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    7 years ago

    The way to do this isn't obvious, but once you know how, it makes sense.
    In iTunes, go to Account, View My Account. You have to enter your Apple ID password, the one you use for iTunes. Then you get a page of information about your account.
    Look for "Computer Authorizations." To the right of this, you'll see a Deauthorize All button. Use that to deauthorize all of your Macs.
    Then, as you may have already guessed, you simply use Account, Authorizations, Authorize This Computer to re-authorize your current Mac. Do the same for any others you still want to access your iTunes account.

    Alok Misra
    7 years ago

    Thanks! Gary - worked like a charm.

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