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How Do I Remove Extra Line Height In Signature Line?

I have tried to create my signature block for my Macbook iCloud email like I have for PC outlook both personal; however, it seems I am unable to format the signature block and when it appears in my email it comes up with additional height for each line which I am unable to change. I know that it is not a double-space but the text line itself have an additional point above it.

How can I correctly format my signature block to look more professional as I have for my work?

Thank you for your kind assistance.

Lori Wingfield

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    4 years ago

    Are you talking about in the Mail app on your Mac? Or in the web email app?

    I'll assume in the Mail app. Try creating the signature in Pages, or in TextEdit (in rich text mode) and then copying it and pasting it into the signature in Mail. Experiment with that until you get what you like.

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