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How Do I Remove Mojave and Reinstall Mountain Lion?

I can’t use my 32 bit apps. in Mojave, so I want to remove Mojave and install Mountain lion. I can’t find it on my backup so I need a disk or other help.
Jack B

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    2 years ago

    First, jumping back from Mojave to Mountain Lion is a huge step. That’s 6 versions back, from 10.14 to 10.8. Back to 2012. If your Mac originally came with Mountain Lion, then you can do a Internet Recovery and re-install Mountain Lion. But I’m sure you’ll lose a lot of functionality and many apps will stop working as they require something newer.

    But if your problem is 32-bit apps, then you should know that Mojave fully supports 32-bit apps. It is Catalina that will drop support for those old apps. With Mojave you just get a warning the first time you run them.

    Also, it probably isn’t a good strategy to hold everything back just to run some old unsupported and abandoned apps. See

    2 years ago

    Or you could simply install virtualisation software and install high Sierra and use your 32-bit apps along side Mojave. I used parallels to get around this problem. As a lot of my software (I use for work is not 64bit) This solves the problem for me.

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