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How Do I “Remove, Permenantly,” Photo’s From My iPhone and iPad?

When I connect my iPhone, or iPad to my Mac, all my new photos get copied over to the Mac, but I don’t see any options for deleting them from the source, the iPhone or iPad, is there a way to delete photos and videos from my devices after they have been copied over to my Mac?
They are taking up way too much HD space on my devices…

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    3 years ago

    First, are you using either iCloud Photo Library or Photo Stream on any of these devices? Check in Settings, iCloud, Photos on the iOS devices and in Photos, Preferences, iCloud on your Mac. If you are using them, then transferring photos when you connect these to your Mac isn’t necessary as it would be happening using either one of these two cloud services.
    But, if you have them both off for all devices, then you are transferring with the older method using a USB cable. Then you should have the option before you transfer the photos to delete them when the transfer is done. This is in the Photos app. It appears at the top, right next to the Import Selected and Import All New Photos button.

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