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How Do I Remove Photos On My iPhone?

I have all my photos on my new Mac Pro and my iPhone. They are also backed up to iCloud. How do I remove them on my phone without deleting them from all the other devices. ? They are taking up too much room.
Louise S

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    5 years ago

    The whole idea behind cloud services is to have all of your things available across all of your devices. iCloud Photo Library is no different. You have all of your photos available across all of your devices. Your library is like a single location that you can access from anywhere. So if you delete a photo, it is deleted from everywhere.

    But it sounds like what you want is not to delete photos because you don't want to see them, but you just want to manage your space on your iPhone. There is an option for exactly this.

    On your iPhone go to Settings, Photos. Then turn on "Optimize iPhone Storage." Then your iPhone will only keep a small thumbnail of each photo that only uses a little bit of storage space. As you view photos, it will download the full versions from the cloud. As time goes on it will offload full photos that you haven't viewed in a while, freeing up space.

    This way you have the best of both worlds -- all of your photos available everywhere, and you optimize space on your iPhone.

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