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How Do I Remove the Date and Time When Printing From TextEdit?

In Mac Text Edit: Is there a way to prevent the automatic insertion of current date and time when printing the list?

I would prefer that the date and time of the printing of a Text Edit page did not appear.
Gary Tanner

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    2 years ago

    By default there should be no date or anything like that when you print from TextEdit. But perhaps you turned on print headers by accident?

    Use File, Print to open the Print Dialog. If you see a button there labeled "Show Details" then click it do you see everything.

    Then in the settings there is a pop-up menu button that you can select. Set that to "TextEdit" as opposed to anything else like "Layout" or "Media" or such. Then you should see a checkbox for "Print Header and Footer." Turn that off.

    Gary Tanner
    2 years ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! In all sincerity, you are a genius! You are just so incredibly knowledgeable. Iā€™ve been doing much research on this issue but to no avail. Some websites even stated that there was no way to avoid printing the header.

    In short, your knowledge and online presentations are absolutely remarkable.

    Thank you again.


    Gary Tanner

    Dave Hill
    1 year ago

    The proposed solution is a good one if you don't want to print headers. However, I DO want to print a custom header but do not want the date and time included in the header. Where can I change the content of the header?

    1 year ago

    Dave: So what is it you are looking to do, exactly? What are you printing and what do you want in these headers?

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