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How Do I Remove Time Machie Desktop Icon?

How do you not display the time machine disc icon on the desktop of a macbook pro running OS11

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    7 years ago

    Do you mean the icon of the external hard drive of your Time Machine drive? Go to the Finder. Then choose from the menu bar Finder, Preferences. Then go to General. Under "Show these items on the desktop" turn off "External disks."
    If your Time Machine drive is connected via the network, not directly to your Mac, then you'll need to turn off "Connected servers" instead.
    Of course this means you won't see other external drives/network drives on your desktop. But you can always access them through any Finder window, usually in the left sidebar under Devices/Shared. Or you can go to the top level of the Finder to see all of the devices connected in any Finder window.

    7 years ago

    This solved my request. Worked beautifully. Thanks

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