Forum Question: How Do I Remove Web Page Bookmark From iPhone Home Screen?

I was going through some of the web page bookmarks (not apps) that I had added to my iPhone home screen. I found one that I wanted to remove, but was not able to do so just using the iPhone. Doing a long press resulted in a different action and not the jiggling icons with the X on the upper left. As a workaround, I was able to accomplish this by connecting my iPhone to my Mac, launching iTunes, bringing up an image of the home screen, selecting the web page bookmark, going to the Edit menu, selecting Cut, and then Apply the results to sync back to the iPhone. So what I am really asking is: how do I remove a web page bookmark from the iPhone home screen by only using the iPhone and not relying on iTunes on the Mac?
Richard Fuhr

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    1/6/17 @ 12:30 am

    Richard — I get the “X” just like with other apps. Perhaps there was something wrong with that Home Screen bookmark? Try creating one right now, and then deleting it. I just did and the X appeared and I deleted it.
    Question: Did the X appear for the other apps? If not, then perhaps you pressed too hard and got a “3D Touch” (AKA force touch) instead of the normal behavior. Try a lighter touch.

    Richard Fuhr
    1/6/17 @ 12:35 am

    Gary, Your theory is correct. I was triggering the 3D Touch feature on an iPhone 7 (hadn’t used one with 3D Touch until today). I pressed too hard (as I was used to doing with iPhones that didn’t have 3D Touch) and found that if I just rested my finger lightly on the icon, then this would launch the expected behavior, in which the icons jiggled and the X appeared and I could then delete apps/

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