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How Do I Remove Web Search In Spotlight?

I’m trying to remove web search results from spotlight on my new M1 Mac mini. I’ve found information on how to do this on previous versions of macOS, however this doesn’t appear to be an option in Big Sur. How can I do this?

I only want searching to be performed on my local system.

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    3 years ago

    I'm going to assume you mean the Spotlight menu (Command+Space) and not some other way of using Spotlight. In System Preferences, Spotlight there are two items that will show you web pages. The first is Bookmarks & History. This takes data right from your bookmarks and history in Safari. The second is Siri Suggestions. Turn both of those off and you shouldn't see any of those in the Spotlight Menu.

    However, you said that you only want to search your "local system." So are you just looking for files and folders? If so, then don't use Command+Space. Instead, just search in the Finder. Bring up a Finder window and use the search field at the top right. That just gives you files and folders with a lot more options.

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