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How Do I Rename or Delete a Folder In the NOTES App?

How do I edit the name of a folder – or delete a folder – in NOTES?

I’m trying to organize my NOTES, but I am unable to edit or delete folders in that app.
Simon Young

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    2 years ago

    You do it in a similar way to renaming folders in the Finder. First click once to select the folder in the sidebar. Then, after a short delay, click the name to enter editing mode where you can change the name. Or, instead of a second click, you can press Return on your keyboard to start editing the name.

    You can also Control+click on the folder to bring up the Context Menu and Rename Folder is one of the options.

    The Context Menu will also show you Delete Folder. Or, simply pressing the Delete key on your keyboard will do it.

    Note that you cannot rename or delete folders that are there by default. For instance, "All iCloud," "Notes" or "Recently Deleted." If the Context Menu doesn't show Delete or Rename options, then you can't delete or rename that folder as it is a special container and not a custom user folder.

    Simon Young
    2 years ago

    Thanks, Gary! I was trying to delete or rename the the "Notes" folders. Why can't they be edited or deleted? What are they for?

    2 years ago

    Simon: Notes is a default folder that contains all notes not in another folder.

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