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How Do I Replace an iGoogle Start Page By Using My Desktop?

Google has announced that iGoogle will no longer be around. I’ve used this browser-based start page for 10 years or more … long before I started using my Macs. How can I duplicate the functionality of a start page on my desktop? I realize and use the Widgets that are available, but my current start page has so much more. Also, I know that there are other services that have some of the same functions as iGoogle, but I haven’t found one that is as good. Just thought I would as the gurus for the BEST solution not just any old solution!
Paul Lawrence

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    11 years ago

    Good question. I've been searching for a solution myself.
    I don't think that desktop dashboard widgets is the way to go. Better to bundle all of the news sources into one page that can load at one time, rather than slow down the entire computer with dozens of widgets updating independently all the time.
    If you search for "iGoogle alternatives" you come up with all sorts of blogs that have made lists of sites that do something similar. I've tried a lot of these. Most of them are poor. Some offer so much functionality that there is a steep learning curve and a lack of polish. Others are too simple. Not one stood out to me as something I would recommend.

      Dennis Kron Pedersen
      11 years ago

      I have been using iGoogle for a little year and we were starting to be good frinds. But now I have found that Netvibes can do almost the same - and as far as I know do they not have plans to close :)

    John M. Hammer
    11 years ago

    I've been using MyYahoo even longer than you've been using iGoogle. It's a great place to see all the news of the moment at a glance. Modules sometimes get terminated, but my page has been pretty stable for a long time. If you haven't tried MyYahoo, I recommend it ā€“ you might find it can replace most of the functions of your iGoogle page, minus the Google-specific features, of course.

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