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How Do I Replace the iCloud Email Account Created?

In my Apple ID account, I am using my email from an ISP (created ten years ago) as the Apple-ID. Now thought of creating an iCloud email for my wife, and did so. But I did not understand, that you can only add one mail account there (plus three alias linked to that one as well). I had planned to later on also add one iCloud email account for myself as well, this to fully avoid the ISP solution. So at the end, I think it is impossible to delete her email account just created!! When initiating deletion in the Internet Account setting, it seems like a lot of other content (keychain, etc) also will be deleted, if deleting it here and not only the email. My whole landscape (pictures, files,..) is linked to this ICloud account, so I would not like to create a new Apple-ID and start from scratch again. I fear I am in now a dead end,…or?

My target was to first create an email account for my wife, and later on for myself. I know that you should probably have the following relation for the set-up: one user:one email:one account. But I have historically not done so, and now you can not even delete and replace the first email account created via iCloud. To me that should really have been possible.
Roland G

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    2 years ago

    You'll want to call Apple Support to confirm that this is currently the way to do this. But here is how I think it is supposed to work. For obvious reasons, I can't test this solution out.

    First, log into and create a new email alias which will become your primary iCloud email. Then go to and log in there. Use the Change Apple ID option. Then switch to that new alias.

    Some places report that you have to wait 30 days after creating the alias to do this. Not sure if that is still true.

    That seems to be the way to do it, but Apple really never spells out your exact situation. So I'd call support and ask them about it. Let me know how it all works out.

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