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How Do I Reset NV Ram and SMC?

Since I installed os Mojave last year my MacBook Pro’s battery drained 30 to 40% while sleeping overnight. Many people have reported the same problem online and couldn’t resolve the issue. I called AppleCare and they recommended I shut my MacBook Pro down every night (I know that wasn’t a good suggestion). You mentioned this in your recent MacMost episode (5 mistakes new Mac owners make).

Recently I found an online fix for this battery drain problem. There were a few setting changes but if they didn’t resolve the drain issue, this person recommended resetting NAram and SMC.

I value your opinion so do you feel resetting the above is worth doing or could it be problematic? Interesting you mentioned in the 5 mistakes video AppleCare and the genius bar gave out incorrect information to someone writing to you. I guess “Apple” isn’t always correct and why having a resource like you is so valuable.

Thanks for all you do.
Mike Ritchie

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    2 years ago

    This is exactly the situation where you should try reseting the NVRAM and SMC — when you have a problem and it is listed as a possible solution. It is fine to try it.

    I did a video on how to try it recently: Resetting Your Mac’s NVRAM and SMC .

    If that doesn’t help, your next step is to go to the Genius Bar where they can take a firsthand look. You probably have some process running that is not behaving properly.

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