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How Do I Reset NVRAM and PRAM On Mac M1?

Reset NVRAM and PRAM on Mac M1

I have been recommended to do this by Ledger Support because of connection problem on Nano S ledger.
I have installed Rosetta 2.

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    2 years ago

    NVRAM replaced PRAM. You don't have both, just NVRAM.

    You don't reset NVRAM on an M1 Mac. You shouldn't need to. The new Apple Silicon system-on-a-chip architecture should mean that NVRAM issues aren't really a problem anymore.

    However, the SOC's NVRAM will be checked if you shut down and then start up your Mac. Not a restart, but a shut down and start up. It is unlikely that this will make any difference for any problem you have. So this probably won't solve your problem. However, a restart will do a lot of things and could solve a problem that an app is having for some other reason. So if you shut down and start up and the problem goes away, then I'd bet it was something else, not NVRAM. But that probably doesn't matter as long as the problem is resolved, right?

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