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How Do I Restore Time Machine Backup From High Sierra To Mojave On iMac?

I recently backed up my iMac high Sierra to TM. I want to upgrade to Mojave. I prefer to do a clean install from bootup drive. My iMac 2013 has been sluggish and this will be my first clean install (I could just upgrade w/o clean install?). I then want to restore from TM. What’s the best option, to both retain a clean install with restored files? Restore from TM Backup or migration assistant or??

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    5 years ago

    First, there's really no reason to do a clean install. Save yourself the wasted time and hassle and just do a normal install. Maybe in 1998 it was a good idea, but not in 2019 with modern OSes. If you are having trouble with your Mac afterward, then troubleshoot to find the real reason then.

    If you do go ahead with the clean install (erase the drive and start from scratch) then just use Migration Assistant immediately after installing the system. This is what Migration Assistant is for. Except, usually you are starting clean because you get a new Mac or replace the internal drive.

    Another word of advice -- if you decide to go forward with the clean install, make a second backup. Otherwise, you have a single point of failure with an untested (never restored-from) Time Machine drive.

    5 years ago

    Hi Gary, thanks for responding so quickly. Ok, so you're saying there's really no reason to do a clean install with the current tech of OSes, unless new hard drive, etc.? I appreciate that, as I have also thought it should be that way for upgrading. However, there is so much on the net that says it's better to do a clean install, especially if the system is sluggish, etc. Not to get off point, but do you recommend any mac cleaner for my iMac to help speed things up (app responsiveness,etc.)?

    5 years ago

    Ed: There is a lot of old bad information on the Internet, and people keep echoing it: clean installs, laptop battery advice, etc. I strongly recommend that you DO NOT get any "cleaner" app. They are, at best, just trying to take your money, and at worst will slow your Mac down or give you outright malware. No "cleaner" apps are needed for macOS. It takes care of itself.
    If you are having trouble with your Mac, try to track down what the problem is. If you cannot, then use the Genius Bar or a local expert who can give it a firsthand look.

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