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How Do I Return To the Street View In Apple Maps On My iPhone?

When using Apple Maps on the iPhone the view will change from the live moving map view to turn by turn. How do I get back to the map view? There is no obvious back button?

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    3 years ago

    Not sure which two views you are trying to get from and to. Are you trying to exit from the directions? If so, you tap the End button at the bottom. Then End Route.

    If you haven’t started the turn-by-turn directions, or it is over, then tap the X in the circle to the right of the destination shown.

    If there is some other view you are in, describe it and I’ll try to help.

    Jim Saake
    3 years ago

    Ok… Here’s what happens: I begin a route on Apple Maps (iPhone). Apple Maps displays the route map with an icon showing your progress on the road. Then it switches modes and goes to a turn by turn view in large fonts with arrows. I see no way to return to the map view?? How do I return to the standard map view without cancelling the route in progress?

    3 years ago

    Just tap on the top of the screen, where it shows the current direction, white text on a black background. This goes back into overview mode. It then has a black button with a circle and arrow at the top left to return to turn-by-turn mode.

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