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How Do I Reuse an HD?

I have a 1TB hd taken from a pc. What do I need and how do I reformat it to use it as an external drive to my Mac?

I want to expand available memory and reuse a good drive.

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    2 years ago

    I'm assuming you have this in a case and ready to connect via USB? Use the app Disk Utility, it comes with your Mac. Make sure you select the whole drive (see and resort at either APFS or Apple Extended (Journaled). For Partition Map, choose GUID. Just erase the disk and it should be a blank drive ready for you to use with your Mac.

    If this is a bare drive, without a case or a USB connection, then you'll need to get an "enclosure." You can buy one that is for the type of drive you have and then be able to add the drive to it to turn it into an external drive.

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