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How Do I Run Articulate Storyline On Mac?

I want to run Articulate Storyline on my Mac. It’s a Windows only application and it’s heavy on RAM. Would it be more efficient to use Bootcamp or an application like Parallels?

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    5 years ago

    Using Bootcamp means you have to reboot your Mac into Windows. During that time, you can't access your Mac side, so you may be away from your email and other tasks. While running in Boot Camp is the most compatible way to run Windows app, it is far from efficient, especially if you need to constant reboot to switch between Windows and Mac.

    Using Parallels or similar means that you can run Windows at the same time, while using your other Mac apps. I've never used Articulate Storyline (this is first I have heard of it) so I don't know how well it runs in something like Parallels. Maybe it runs every bit as well as user Bootcamp. Lots of apps do.

    Another option may be to find a Mac app that does what you need. I had to look up Articulate Storyline, but it appears that Adobe Captivate is one alternative. Considering you'd need to buy Windows, and buy Parallels, and then buy Articulate Storyline, it may be better to use Adobe Captivate native on your Mac and avoid the whole mess. Or, if what you are really trying to do is to simply capture the screen and your camera and make tutorials, then ScreenFlow or Camtasia are good Mac apps with advanced functions.

    Without more details it is hard for me to say if another app is a good option for you. Maybe you are not creating courses, but editing them or working with others that are already set on Articulate Storyline?

    5 years ago

    I'm building online courses for a post-secondary institution. I'm a longtime Mac user, but they supply me with a PC and a Storyline license. I find their PC is very sluggish with Storyline, especially with my latest project, which has over 1200 interactive slides. I was thinking of using my iMac. I guess my question was, if running both Mac and Windows at the same time is not a priority, would Bootcamp run Storyline more smoothly than Parallels since it's running only one OS at a time?

    5 years ago

    Jean-Claude: The only way to know would be to try them both, or to find someone else who has already tested. I've never used the software at all, so I can't be of much help there. Perhaps there is an online community or forum for users and you can ask there if anyone has tried and compared them?

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