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How Do I Save a Dedicated Custom Crop Size In iPhoto?

The photo rotators on my company website require pictures to be 630 x 430 pixels. When using the crop command, I select the constrain custom option and type the pixels in the boxes. I also export using the same parameters. This works great; however, I have to do this hundreds of times each year.
Is it possible to save the parameters or create an option within the constrain section with the size that I must use repeatedly? If not, does anyone know if this feature is available in Aperture?
Lynn Miller

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    6 years ago

    There’s no way to make iPhoto remember a custom crop size like that.
    Aperture doesn’t remember either, or at least doesn’t let you set up a default. You can set up some handy custom settings for exporting from Aperture, but you want to crop it first, so that makes things more difficult. Apps like PhotoShop have all sorts of tools to save “macros” for doing tasks like this. But those are high-end pro tools.
    So, looking into it, you can do this with Automator. By using the “Crop Images” action I was able to create an app that did this in one step. You can then just drag and drop images onto this app and it will scale them and crop them to 630×480.

      Lynn Miller
      6 years ago

      Thank you. It will be fun to learn to use Automator for this task.

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