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How Do I Save a Web Page for Offline Viewing By Someone Else?

I have saved a bunch of web sites/pages – usually as Page Source but sometimes as Web Archive – but seems like only I can view the saved articles and only from my own computer (and maybe also from my MBP but haven’t tried). What I would like to do is save these articles in such a way/format that I can give them to someone (on a memory stick) who can view the articles on their computer (probably a Windows PC) where there is no internet connection. I have so many articles that I would like others to see (offline) that I cannot possibly save as PDFs which are quite inferior looking compared to the original web site/page. Any ideas? I wonder if something will work better if saving from a Windows PC though I’ve always been a Mac guy and would much prefer finding a solution on my Mac.
Al Stoker

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    2 years ago

    Saving them as PDFs would be my first idea. But it sounds like maybe these are “printing” well for you? Still, if they are just articles, then maybe it doesn’t matter as much. PDFs are designed for exactly this — cross-platform transportable articles.

    Jesse the K
    2 years ago

    If you want to mostly capture the text, copy the webpage link (command-L command-C) then visit this site:
    which copies the content from a web page and then downloads it to an ePub format file on your computer. ePub is how ebooks are saved (except for Amazon, which puts ePub inside another file and calls it “mobi” or “azw.”)

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