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How Do I Save a Web Page So I Can View It Offline?

Objective: To display a webarchive in Numbers when there is no internet access.
I used shortcuts to create a webarchive. However, I can’t get it to do anything. I put it on my desktop and it says it is corrupted so get rid of it. When I do Quick View while still in shortcuts it is perfect.
If getting the webarchive to work in Numbers is not practical, is there another way of displaying the webarchive on my iPhone (no cell or wifi) using a different program?

The why:
I want to be able to display all my ski weather data and ski information when there is no internet. The weather data that is basically just numbers was easy to import into Numbers. The small screenshots were perfectly as well. However, if I could get the webarchive to work, it would save a lot of time on ski mornings when time is short and patience is shorter.
Not only would it save time but the product would be considerably more classy.
James Oliver

Comments: 2 Responses to “How Do I Save a Web Page So I Can View It Offline?”

    3 years ago

    Numbers doesn't handle webarchives (saved web pages). If you goal was to get the numbers from a web page and put them in a spreadsheet, you wouldn't save a webarchive, but just copy the numbers as text and paste them into a spreadsheet. But I don't think that is what you really want here.

    If you want to save a web page and view it later when there is no connection, there are several thing you can do.

    A screenshot is fine. Why not that?

    You can save it to your reading list. Just share the page, choose Add to Reading List. Check it out in your Reading List and then try it in Airplane mode. Make sure in Settings, Safari, you have Reading List item set to be available offline.

    Save it as a PDF. Go to the page, Share, Print. Then expand (two fingers out) the preview and Share the printout as a PDF. Then you can open it in the Files app.

    3 years ago

    The tip of Add to Reading List was the perfect solution.. Looks good and takes seconds.

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